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Ezze Pawn Shop - Complex Con 2022 - Award Winning

Project type

Live Events / Experiential Events


November 2022


Los Angeles

Article " Best Style booth " 2022



Role : Producer

Winning the " BEST STYLE BOOTH " at Complex Con 2022.

Attendance over 60k people
Social Media impact "Ezze x Complex con" had over 600k impressions.

The same way you log into Ezze Live App for Vintage shopping, Ezze Live App brought Vintage and Thrifting to Complex Con . By partnering up with Buttery Pat ( Lennard) and Family Style Fest ( Miles) , who brought in 30 incredible vintage vendors, we created the exact replica of a PAWN SHOP . The Pawn Shop concept was accompanied by multiple sessions of livestream selling, live photo booths and a real life experience of what a pawn shop is like.

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